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wrong path


Hazrat Ali Ibn Musa Ar – Reza (A.S.): He who acts with no insight looks like a pedestrian who travels on a wrong path. The faster he walks, the deviated he becomes out the straight path. آن کس که بدون بصیرت دست به کاری زند، به کسی ماند که در …

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Definition and Etymology of “Prophet”

stars of guidance

Bagherpour kashani: This attitude is true when a man believe in not existence of the prophet and "divine Hojjat (divine Proof)" or in the inability to identify him. Dr. Amir Zamiri: What do you mean by the "prophet"? Prophet is a perfect person who by the command of the Creator, take His Word to us. He is a mediator between man and God who brought rules and instructions which include salvation and happiness in this world and the hereafter, and guide the man in various material and spiritual fields. This set of rules is called religion Hojjat is that the authenticity of one of the conflicting sides, such as the presence and absence of something, can be argued and judge by it. It is also an indication that reveals the direct way; and divine Hojjats (proofs of God) are everything that God has argued by it on his servants, or guided them by that mean to Him

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To be patient in the face of hardships


Hazrat Ali Ibn Musa Ar – Reza (A.S.): To be patient in the face of hardships is a but to refrain from forbidden deeds is greater one. شکیبایی بر بلا زیبا و پسندیده است ولی برتر از آن صبر در برابر محرّمات است. مشکاه الانوار ص 22 ***

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Keep aloof from avarice and envy


Hazrat Ali Ibn Musa Ar – Reza (A.S.): Keep aloof from avarice and envy. These two qualities have already destroyed the people gone by. از حرص و حسد بپرهیزید، زیرا این دو خصلت موجب هلاک امتّ های پیشین شده است. بحارالانوار ج 78 ص 346 ***

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