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The Unholy Invitation or Dajjal of Basra

The Unholy Invitation


You may have inadvertently entered or heard about a recent sect. It appears to be like the rest of the deviant sects:  at the beginning, it is seemingly beautiful with populistic slogans.

What they basically do is deceiving you with their methods of propaganda and psychological tricks and games.

Note that this ISIS-like sect, known as the Yemeni sect, after attracting people, they invited them to publish the deviant ideas of the leader of this sect (an Iraqi named Ahmad Ismail Gata al-Hamboushi).

On one side of the coin, they tell you that there is no doubt that we are at the time of the advent of Yemani, which is one of the signs before the arrival of Imam Mahdi (aj). There have also been other signs of his arrival, such as a hand in the sky, the death of the ruler of Hejaz and his brother Abdullah, and the swarms of red locusts.

As in any other false sect, they lie blatantly to make their followers believe what they claim.

On the other side of the coin is this person named “Ahmad Ismail Gata Al-Hamboushi”, who was born in Iraq in 1970 and studied urban planning at the University of Basra! He was given the name of Ahmad al-Hassan or Yemeni by his followers.

He entered the seminary of Najaf in 1999 and later in 2002, he claimed to have seen Imam al-Zaman (as) first in a dream and then when he was awake who told him: “My son, let me be your sacrifice.”

In 2002, he made his invitation public and, along with his friend Haidar Mushtat, announced on the street behind the loudspeaker that (Haidar) is the successor and the envoy of Imam Zaman.

Of course, later Ahmad Ismail fights with Haidar and Haidar is killed in a suspicious death! Ahmed became Yemeni by retaining his previous position, and so he started collecting friends. In 2008, they revolted to kill Ayatollah Sistani, under the pretext that he is the described dajjal of end time! They did not achieve their goal as their attempt was foiled, leading to the arrest and killing of some people. Then, Ahmad Ismail disappeared and he might have been killed. Their revolt documentary, is available in the news media of that date, which can be tracked. For example, Al-Sharq Al-Awsat newspaper, 25th Muharram 1429 , No. 10659, reported by Abdullah Jassem

Four years later, in 2002, there was a suspicious voice posted on Facebook stating that: “I am Ahmad Ismail”. Ahmad Ismail’s professors in the Najaf constituency stated that this is not Ahmad’s voice, and that his accent did not match with the one from Basra. Currently, followers of his Facebook page consider him holy and follow him. They are waiting for his order to rise.

Ahmad Ismail believes that “Ghadir” is “incomplete” as his name was not mentioned therein.  The Qur’an has been distorted, even though he reads the Qur’an incorrectly. To cover up the issue, his followers said that Ghaem Al-Muhammad makes no mistake and that the Qur’an is written incorrectly!

The symbol of this sect is the six-pointed Jewish star (the flag of Israel). It is said that Imams do not end with twelve imams and we have 24 Imams; where Ahmad Ismail, their thirteenth Imam, is infallible and obedient to God. He denied making such claims at the beginning of the unholy invitation, but the documents for such beliefs are available.


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