To be patient in the face of hardships


Hazrat Ali Ibn Musa Ar – Reza (A.S.): To be patient in the face of hardships is a but to refrain from forbidden deeds is greater one. شکیبایی بر بلا زیبا و پسندیده است ولی برتر از آن صبر در برابر محرّمات است. مشکاه الانوار ص 22 ***

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Keep aloof from avarice and envy


Hazrat Ali Ibn Musa Ar – Reza (A.S.): Keep aloof from avarice and envy. These two qualities have already destroyed the people gone by. از حرص و حسد بپرهیزید، زیرا این دو خصلت موجب هلاک امتّ های پیشین شده است. بحارالانوار ج 78 ص 346 ***

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  Like many philosophically interesting notions, existence is at once familiar and rather elusive. Although we have no more trouble with using the verb ‘exists’ than with the two times table, there is more than a little difficulty in saying just what existence is. Existing seems to be at least …

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good temper


Hazrat Ali Ibn Musa Ar – Reza (A.S.): Nothing is more worthy than good temper هیچ چیز با ارزش تر از اخلاق نیکو نیست. عیون الاخبار الرضا (ع) ج2 ص 37 ***

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Introduction of “stars of Guidance” book

stars of guidance

Introduction Dr. Seyyed Hadi Mousavi During my scientific trips, I have opportunities to dialogue and debate with other religious sects. These bring a lot of new questions to my mind. At university, I have learned some ideological issues from Ayatollah Seyyed Jafar Seyedan but passing the time and dealing with the new situation make the further investigation necessary ...

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