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Verification of a prophet based on religion is a circle

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Verification of a prophet based on religion is a circle

An audience: Does certainty must be based on rational argument?! Certainty is something sensual. If you can, Change my opinion with the rational reasons.  But, please do not rely on inter religious contents.
Dr. Mousavi: If believing in prophet has inter religious aspect; thus, verification of a prophet based on religion is circle1. The existence of a prophet will be appropriate and favored when it is proved by the reason and causes out of religion.
Bagherpour Kashani: All answers which are given in this conversation are rational, and texts (verses and traditions) are mentioned just in order to confirm the reason. As it has been said: “Whatever is verified by reason, is accepted by Sharia “2
An audience: if a religion has been revealed by the Creator; so, it should be inconsistent with reason and wisdom.

1-circle: defining something or explaining the existence of something by something else, as defining or verifying the second one is just possible by the first one. For example, proving “A” by “B” when proof of “B” is only made by the “A”; this is called circle.
2- In the principles of Shia jurisprudence, this rule is called “principle inherence” (see: Ali Rabbani Gulpaygani, inherence of reason and religion, from the point of view of Sheikh Ansari, p. 10. )


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