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Due to reason, it is obligatory for God to send prophets

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Bagherpour Kashani: The claim is that it is obligatory for God to send representatives for guidance beside reason and wisdom, otherwise, failure in guidance takes place and it is impossible and obscene for God. 1
Dr. Amir Zamiri: It seems that this attitude is a kind of judgment about God`s deeds, because we can`t say that this is good for God or that is bad.
Bagherpour Kashani: If we understand that it is obligatory for god to send a prophet, is it a kind of judgment about God`s deeds and we should not tell this attitude? When through reason, we prove the existence of God, can`t we remove any obscene action from that Sacred Nature? Is it right to say that God is not unjust, does not tell lie, and so on? In fact, the reason does not command God what to do and what not to do, so it doesn`t judge his work; but it just aware us that what God does and what he does not do.

1. Allameh Majlisi says: most of Shia believe that what is good for the people and the creation, is the duty of God. ( mohammad bagher Majlesi, Hagh Al-Yaghin, p.34)

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