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Introduction of “stars of Guidance” book

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Dr. Seyyed Hadi Mousavi
During my scientific trips, I have opportunities to dialogue and debate with other religious sects. These bring a lot of new questions to my mind. At university, I have learned some ideological issues from Ayatollah Seyyed Jafar Seyedan but passing the time and dealing with the new situation make the further investigation necessary. Matching religious beliefs with rational principles is important for every freethinker.
Dr. Amir Zamiri`s detailed questions -my talented and hardworking student in the course of pharmacology- make us to meet Ayatollah Seyedan again. As in the past, he explained ideological arguments based on rational principles with patient. Become familiar with the prominent student of Ayatollah Seyedan -Mr. Bagherpour Kashany- was another blessing of this meeting. Due to Ayatollah Seyedan advice, discussions were continued with Mr. Bagherpour Kashany. This book is the result of a series of discussions with Mr. Bagherpour Kashany and a group of colleagues and I, which were organized as questions and answers. At the meetings, I tried to be impartial and only searching for the truth.
Discussions cover the following points:
The scale for recognizing truth is wisdom.
In examining the various religions, first we must evaluate its bases (the Ontology, properties of the Creator, etc.), otherwise by fusing truth with false, the recognition of right from wrong and good from evil is not possible.
Among the followers of all religions, divine and human schools, there are some peoples who have worthy and commendable behavior and also there are some who have immoral and wrong behavior; so for evaluating the legitimacy of any religion and school (divine or human), the  behavior of its followers should not be the criteria of judgment.
After achieving a certain religion which its principles are based on reason, the concepts and precepts which are sometimes hard to understand would not be worrying because these heavy concepts show the summits of perfection of the religion; but we can never find religious teachings that are incompatible with the common sense and science definitive findings. A detailed look into the intricacies of the universe and the increasing discoveries of sciences (including medicine and biology) makes it easier to understand the issue.
In the end, it should be noted that this book was reviewed by me and Dr. Noorbakhsh, Dr, Amir Zamiri, Dr. Rashidi and Dr. Amin Zadeh and in this respect, its honesty is approved.

Dr. Hadi Mousavi
Associate Professor of Pharmacology, Mashhad University of Medical Sciences

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