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What is the result of sending no divine authority?

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Bagherpour Kashani: we do not claim that we recognize all divine deeds, however, we want to see whether, based on reason and  wisdom, sending the divine authority is obligatory for God, and give it away is unjust and inappropriate or not? If it is proved that sending no divine authority is a wrong act, then it is impossible for God not to do that (sending divine authority) because it leads to ignorance or helplessness or folly and, certainly based on wisdom, God is refined from such shortcomings.

Dr. Rashidi: According to the freedom and authority of God, how you can conclude this result out of an abominable act?
Bagherpour Kashani: someone who performs obscene acts may be aware or not aware; if he is aware of its ugliness, he may have the power to abandon it or not, if he has the power, he may need it or not (do it without any reason); so it leads to ignorance, helplessness, needy and folly respectively.

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