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Do we have reason for existence of” divine Hojjat”?

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Bagherpour Kashani: End of the line of prophets, does not mean the end of divine authority on earth, after the death of the Prophet of Islam, God has appointed his successors as the “divine Hojjat (divine Proof)”. However, as we are in the days of absence of divine Hojjat proof and we cannot see their munificence and miracle, the Quran is our constant miracle. The successive reports and certainty about the miracles of the Prophet Muhammad and other prophets is available; through which we can reach to certainty and belief.
An Audience: if it is possible, follow the dialogue from the other path and do not refer to the reasons for the miracle of the Quran and the miracles of other prophets. Is there any rational argument on the necessity of sending a representative of God?
Bagherpour Kashani: Addressing this intellectual issue brings us to the point that reason makes it essential that the God sends their representatives for the people to lead humankind. However, to understand the truth of faith, miracles have to be investigated to find the true representative of God and to believe in him and his religion.
An Audience: If someone did not have believe in representatives of God, it is almost unnecessary to examine miracles.
Bagherpour Kashani: Do you have a rational reason for absence of divine representatives?

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